Awkward Moments in Real Estate

Often times in real estate, there are many humorous stories that go unshared but are really pretty darn funny.  I thought that today might be a great day to share a few of my personal awkward moments in real estate.  A few people have reached out to me and asked if I am actually creating the content for my newsletters, so I thought I should share my personal tales of woe to ease their concerns.  Enjoy!

Not your average ninja.  

I was showing my client a property that was occupied by a tenant of dubious character.  He was fast asleep in what was likely a drug-fueled slumber, when I woke him by my mere presence in the home.  Before I knew it, the heroin ninja grabbed a samurai sword and threatened to take off my head.  Trying to remain calm and not let my client see my concern, I quickly realized that my wallet, socks or cell phone were no match for this villian.  My client handed over his pocket knife and we retreated waving it in front of us like a child with a sparkler.  Needless to say, the home was not on the client's short list after that experience.

Record Number of Homes Shown - 97

The record for most homes shown to one client is 97.  To answer your question, the client did buy the 97th home he saw and was happy with his choice.  However, when you consider that a realtor often will show 3-5 homes in a single day, the amount of time it took to find the client his home seems incredible.  To put it into perspective, a baby could learn how to crawl and then walk unassisted (which are huge milestones) in the timeframe that it took to find this man a home.  Out of morbid curiosity, I googled the significance of the number 97 in numerology and found it quite fascinating.  According to, the number represents introspection and tolerance and actively affects the welfare of humanity.  "The energy the number 97 represents resonates with a kinship for humanity. It is compassionate and perceptive. Its inner wisdom is consulted to analyze problems and find viable solutions".  What made me laugh was that in numerology, 97 tends to be tolerant and compassionate.  Based on the fact that my client purchased the 97th home he viewed suggests to me that the universe showed me compassion as I have no idea what 98 signifies, but I don't know if I would have had the strength or compassion to continue this quest for the holy grail of homes.

Puke, Poop & Onesies

One of my favorite things about being a realtor is working with families.  When my clients bring their babies with them to house showings, I absolutely love to hold the babies or play peek-a-boo with the toddlers while the parents take a look at their next potential home.  However, it can be a bit awkward when a baby decides to vomit all over your suit and you realize that you have another 5 homes still to show.  Of course, it also happens on a day that is completely booked with appointments without any opportunity to clean myself up.  As a dad, I can personally attest to the fact that diapers are not as secure as one might hope.  There have been countless times when I have returned to the office with a spit rag on my shoulder, Lego pieces in my pocket, and what I hope is chocolate pudding on my shirt.  All in a day's work.

I hope that you enjoy just a few of life's awkward moments that I have experienced as a real estate professional.  I truly love what I do, and the clients who make it rewarding and entertaining.

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