Science Behind a Busy Spring Market

“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” — Mark Twain

Spring has arrived and brings with it a busy real estate market. Have you ever wondered why this season is one of the best times in the year to sell a home? Interestingly, there are several factors that impact the market after the arrival of the Easter bunny.

April 30th is the due date for Canadians to file their personal tax returns. As a result, homeowners who receive tax refunds are able to use that extra money for home renovations and repairs, and this can enable sellers to prepare their home for sale in Spring.

Spring also brings some nicer weather (as we have been enjoying these past few days), and the longer evenings provide extra time for home buyers to view homes in the daylight.

Let's face it. Spring in Nanaimo is one of the most breath-taking seasons in the year. Drive down any local street and you will see beautiful flowers in bloom, green grass that is lush from the winter rainfall, and trees that are vibrant in color. Homes that are listed during Spring show well in professional photos and listing videos - maximizing the appeal to potential buyers.

Many home buyers prefer to make an offer on a new home in Spring so that they are not faced with house hunting when the kids are out of school. Additionally, they can avoid the relocation rush that seems to take place in the summertime. Parents are often hesitant to move while their children are still in school, so house hunting in Spring ensures a timely move once school concludes. Here is an infographic that provides a few tips on landscaping your home to maximize its sale price.

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