Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

It can be difficult to decide whether or not to have your home on the market during the holidays.  Typically, there are fewer showings throughout this timeframe, but buyers will be more serious and apt to make an offer if they are spending their Christmas house hunting.

Trying to keep your home looking "perfect" for buyers while you wrap your gifts and finish up your holiday baking can be inconvenient.  Too much festive decorations can turn some buyers off of a home, and yet a home that may have some challenges such as a busy street might find more buyer activity due to lowered inventory levels and the colorful lights bringing a warm ambiance that lends itself well to improving the curb appeal of a home.

I think that it is important to have a balance in life.  Take the time to rejoice with friends and family.  Let your agent know if there are certain days that you do not want showings and this can be conveyed to other agents in advance of a showing request.  With technology enabling buyers and sellers to negotiate an offer electronically with programs such as Docusign, your realtor does not even need to come to your home to get your signature on a contract.  This allows you to enjoy the magic of the holidays while protecting your home from losing out on qualified buyers.

If you are wanting to discuss your selling strategy, now is a great time to consider your real estate needs.  If you are interested in finding out what the current value of your home or property is, feel free to contact me.  As well, if you are considering buying a home or investment property, I am happy to help guide you through this process.  Feel free to contact me anytime at 250-585-2601.  Wishing you a stress-free weekend ahead as the countdown to Christmas begins!

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