Why a Tiny House Rented for $15,000 for 4 Days

It seems hard to fathom that a tiny house, measuring 350 square feet, was been rented for an estimated $15,000 for only 4 days in the United States! I thought it would be interesting to provide a bit of a backstory to seemingly unbelievable headline.

It's true. A member of the Medinah Course Golf was the winning bidder of this tiny home rental for $15,000 and actually moved into his cozy new home. Realtors often comment that location is the key to profitable real estate values, and this story seems to sum up that adage perfectly. The tiny home's location on the 14th tee at the Medinah Golf Course also just happens to the site of this week's BMW Championship for golf.

Could you walking out of your home in time to personally cheer and wave to your favorite golfer? Imagine one of them stopping to use your bathroom or fix themselves a quick snack in the tiny home's kitchen? This scenario likely won't happen but the ability to watch the tournament from your front door is certainly appealing to many avid golf fans.

The winning golf member is quick to point out that the cost of the tiny home rental also includes meals and liquor and he plans on inviting 17 or so of his closest friends to join him at his new home. However, none of the guests plan on overnight stays at the tiny home.

What will happen to the tiny home after the BMW tournament? The home is set to be offered for sale for $95,000 and the golf course plans to expand the number of tiny homes available for rent in the coming years. The Chicago Tribune likened the tiny home opportunity to being as "if the football game came to your tailgate".

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